Food Only - No Service

In decorated boxes with fresh flowers and ribbon, fork, napkin and handy wipe.
Box Lunches ~ Minimum 6 of same menu

Chicken pasta salad with pesto dressing, fresh fruit, pimento cheese finger sandwiches and dessert bar... $15.99

Fresh sandwich with ham, turkey or chicken salad, pasta or potato salad, fresh fruit and dessert bar... $15.99
~ With Only One Salad $12.99

Vegetarian Box $15.99 ~ Minimum 4
Pimento cheese sandwich, pasta salad, fresh fruit, and dessert bar

Casserole Lunch $15.99 ~ Minimum 8
Casserole, salad, French bread with herb butter and assorted sweet tray with bars and cookies, includes forks, plates and napkins.

Box Lunch Menus Can Be Set Up On Trays, Rather Than In Boxes,
with Plates, Forks and Napkins for $1.00 per person

We Can Prepare Menus That Meet Your Specific Requirements,
with Advance Notice…Call For More Information.

Cookies, toffee, brittle, cheese straws, jams, jellies, snack mix, salsa.